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The GERPA Fellowship Program

The Gender Economic Research and Policy Analysis (GERPA) project is instituting a fellowship/grant for promising PhD students originating from the MENA region and who are planning to conduct their research thesis on a topic related to gender and economics in MENA. 

The GERPA project is a World Bank/ CAWTAR initiative that aims at mainstreaming gender into the ongoing and future economic research in the MENA region. The fellowship program falls under the heading "capacity building" of GERPA and will help establish better capacity for economic research on gender and to provide incentive for young economic researchers from the region to work on gender issues. 

The fellowship consists in giving the candidate the opportunity to benefit from the mentorship/assistance of a prominent gender economist at a leading American university.  The mentor will be a prominent academic with well-known research on gender who will provide the technical and conceptual expertise necessary for the research to meet top level academic research.  Therefore, the fellowship offers to potential candidates, the unique opportunity to fine tune their analytical and theoretical skills with top experts in the fields of gender and economics. 

However, the fellowship will not pay for tuition or registration fees at the candidate's original university. 

The selection of the mentors and the general management of the process (at the institutional level) will be taken care by CAWTAR in collaboration with the World Bank.  

Eligible candidates: The grant will be administered on a competitive basis. To be eligible for the fellowship, the candidate must fulfill the following conditions: 

  • To be eligible for the grant, applicants must originate from the MENA region (they may be residing in the region or outside). The definition of the MENA region includes the following countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine/West Bank and Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Djibouti.
  • Applicants must have excellent academic records.
  • The candidate should be already registered (and involved) as a full time graduate student in a PhD program in economics at a university in the United States where he or she will have an official dissertation advisor
  • The candidate must present a research project (or dissertation project) that deals with a gender issue in the region. It has to be clear how the candidate plans to integrate gender into his research. In this prospective, candidates have to submit a proposal with a clear and well specified research question.
  • The proposal should present an explicit reference to policy relevance.
  • Candidates have to demonstrate commitment to the region.
  • During the time of the grant, the candidates have to be able to show some certification on the progress of their work.  The progress report has tobe signed by the academic advisor.
Contact information: If you think you can be a suitable candidate for the GERPA fellowship program please submit your PhD thesis research prospectus (proposal) to the following contact:   

Required information:
Indication of your university in the United States, your major academic advisor and the state of advancement of your dissertation. 

Submission deadline:
The deadline for application submission is October 30th, 2008.

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